During a Dec. 13 show in Auckland, New Zealand, the Foos and some 50,000 fans caused tremors similar to a volcanic event.

The Foo Fighters rock.
Any doubts that the Dave Grohl-fronted band is the hardest rocking group in the business have been quelled thanks to new data from New Zealand’sGeoNet blog, which claims to have recorded geological tremors caused by the Foos’ Dec. 13 show in Auckland, New Zealand.
Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Silhouette - P 2011
According to two seismic stations outside the Western Springs stadium — 1.5 and 2 kilometers from the locale respectively – a strong low frequency of tremors were detected at the time of the show, correlating specifically with the highs and lows of the performance. The levels recorded were consistent with that of volcanic activity.


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