Who I am

By stan
I am a Husband, a Father, a Son, a Brother, an Uncle, a Professional and a Friend to many. I have lived in VA for most of my life and primarily in Gloucester, VA but was born in Ocean Springs, M – I – crooked letter – crooked letter – I – crooked letter – crooked letter – I – humpback – humpback – I (Mississippi). The coastal part, just to clarify any jokes that may come from knowing my roots. I have enjoyed life here for the most part but know that someday I will want to live in a warmer more open environment. Life on the coast seems right….Well anyways, take a look around @ my life. This is who I am and what I am going to be. LIKE IT!
Husband – To the most beautiful women in the world and that’s just her inner beauty, wait until you meet her ;) . We have been together for almost ten years now and I thank god for bringing her to me everyday, well maybe a not every hour of everyday, he-he, but seriously she has been the cement of the foundation we are building. It is because of her my life is GREAT.
Father – To a very intelligent, creative & comedic 13yr old. Very much like me in many ways, especially Math, I thought I brought a lot of notes home, he-he. However beyond the minor hiccups in school he is so behaved and very well mannered, a real good kid!
Son – To two very wonderful people. They taught me a lot and have always been there throughout all life’s obstacles. I always wondered why I was the only child not allowed to do what “everyone else” is doing, until now at the peak of my child’s adolescence, I now know that no one else really was doing it. ;) Everything they say comes true as well. Should have just listened.
Brother – To a bright and vibrant young lady. She has 3 wonderful children and has made lemonade from the lemon truck blocking the driveway.
Uncle – To 3 awesome kids. They all have really excelled given some of life’s turns and twists. I am so glad to have been their babysitter for most of their baby years. Funny how “BIG” they are now. No more throwing pillows!
Professional – To the everyday grind. I have worked many places in my life but have stuck to 3 major roles – Sales, Technology & Business. My titles have ranged from President to Fry Boy.  My current role is running a consumer & business electronics sales, service & installation company. I have invested over 19k (#DEDICATED) hours into this business since its incorporation in 2008. My resume will detail this information for those interested. Click Here.
Friend – To a wide variety of people that share the same titles and responsibilities. To those of you I want to say good job and also thank you. Thank you because I know that at one time you were there for me and I may not of had a chance to say it then.

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